Bus vs Plane
We use Google Flights API for flights data. We look for the duration of quickest flight within the next day, week or month and add 20%. Then we select the cheapest flight within that range as our winner and display its price and duration. Unfortunately, QPX Express API is not returning results for all the airlines you can find on Google Flights. We’re planning to switch to a more comprehensive API for v2 :)
Busbud API provides us bus data from around the world. We dig in the database and use the average price and duration for all the departures returned to Busbud users on specific bus routes.
The time and fare to go to the bus station or the airport is calculated using Uber API. We use the city centre provided by Google Maps and include the estimated duration and fare you'd pay with UberX.
Buffer time
Airlines and bus companies require that you show up in advance for your trip. We used the results of data analysis on the topic and regulations by specific companies to estimate the average buffer time by mode of transport